Wolf Guard

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The Wolf Guard came to prominence during the Third Liberalian War.

Originally setup to oppose the Hasadonian invasion using unconventional tactics, they operate against anyone who threatens Curian territory.

191811.jpg Picture of the Leader

Announcing themselves over the internet and using suicide bombings as their main tactics, they inspired fear in Hasadon troops leading to atrocities against Curian Citizens.

10_29_4a.jpg Victims of an execution

The Curian Government say they are actively tracking down members of the Wolf Guard but those outside Curia privately have doubts about this.

The First Action by the Wolf Guard

Tony tried to control his breathing. It was the middle of the day and he was approaching a Hasadon checkpoint.

A Hasadon soldier waved him down and Tony parked.

"What are you doing?"

"I am delivering medical supplies to the hospital."

"Got any ID?"

"I dont have to show them to you."

"Yeah, you do now. New rule. Now show me your ID, i will not ask again."

"Ok, let me get my licence out of my glovebox."

Tony reached over. He had to gain time. Snapping open the glovebox, he fumbled for his gun. Whipping it out, he shot the soldier who asked for ID.

As more soldiers heard the shot and came running, he thought back to his childhood.

It had been raining for a few days now. Trapped inside because his mother believed rightly or wrongly that he would catch his death of cold.

His father called to him. "Tony, come down here, wanna show you something."

"Give me a sec," Tony called back, "just finishing off my homework."

"Hey Tony, look what I found out in the garden."

Tony looked out of the window. It was a Roe Deer.

"Wow, never seen one in this area before."

"Yeah very rare, did you know that the antlers of a deer keeps on growing until the long summer days when the increase in sunlight means an increase in testosterone in deer which cuts their blood supply to the antlers, meaning they stop growing as a result?"

Tony's father died a few days afterwards. Tony missed him dreadfully. He had never known anyone with such a huge grasp of irrelevant facts that he just loved telling Tony.

Tony waited a few seconds more. When several soldiers surrounded the car shouting "Put your hands where I can see them"; Tony pushed the button.


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